Husband came to town. He stayed with me the first night even though the festival gave him a room for the weekend.  It was grey and partly rainy during the day then just gray and thick when he got here and by then night had, too.  We went to the island and bonfired and in the middle of singing Dylan–which cmon really when was the last time you sang Dylan around a bonfire so wholesome you know?  The mosquitos bit a sudden certain way, and the wind changed and I knew it would storm.  Get up we gotta go I said and by the time we were in the truck big droplets of rain were on the windshield.

From there on it’s sorta been Hurricane? Which is…tense.

In the morning I sewed a button on his shirt.  We made shmry jokes about proper husband wife roles.  After talking binary breakdowns and being severed from the earth’s one soul standing on our feet in the kitchen drinking coffee and honey tea for over an hour.  Wife showed up about an hour after that.

Mostly I am thinking today about love, and lovers, and I have had dear dear friends who are also long term lovers, and separate from that, long term friends, too, friends, I can look back on over the years and say wow, all this time…  And oh my god I don’t fail to fall more and more in love with these people, sometimes or maybe especially when I am not at all expecting it.

I’ve had some power times this year with a number of these soul fam people.  And how it always surprises me, those red hearts falling out of the sky over their heads into my heart, shoot blasting out of my heart, too, back at them into their hearts, but also back past their own heads, zipping red and pink gold glitter across the sky.  And the little round fireball of explosion of them this sets off in my own heart all over again for me to carry around of them.  Too.

Anyway by now we’re all at the folk fest which has many tents and is big in a small, charming way. We dance and experience music across the globe and different acts from around the state.  Husband is made for emceeing and he ought to host husband night back home in the city in one of his spots.  For real.  Repping his people it’d be right.  We eat and walk and yes dance more, me and wife, and mostly laugh a lot and I talk my big tripped out rambles at her which is part of what we do and then like, my Hank Williams side showed up and it’s all blue grey twilight out and so did the rain, too, then, show back up.  So we were on the way out,  listening to the Treme gospel brass band twirling our umbrellas, and I felt so zany and high all the way back to the tall pines.  We shmrrd on the couch and ate more food and then I kept falling asleep while I was eating, too.

Then yesterday was yesterday nymphs on the windy wild island but that is for us, not here, because like I said. W I L D and

I so wonder what this storm will bring.

Anyway I’m grateful for my soul tribe~

me an wife

Here’s wife and me.  When we were younger.

what i’m listening to rn put a light on generationals

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